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final notice

final notice to Lj personal about par-tay at my house 20:30

be there! i command it! Grrr, get the milk!

"blue you flooded the house!

yeah, but, benny took a cookie!"

hmmmmm. katie got evicted! that sucks!

alright nuff of dat! remember par-tay at my house, its to die for! bah hahahahahahahahahaha ha, Grrrr end transmission!
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Smiles everyone

reminder notice

if you notice this notice,
you will so notice that,
this notice is not worth noticeing...

however the notice about saturday night drinking at my house at 20:30, is worth noticeing... for it seems with everyone posting it seems to have been lost in traffic and all.

And tole i don't want to hear excuses your coming saturday, you and your little dog too!

remember to bring strangers and drinks so we all can have a... killer party people!

Smiles everyone!
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Smiles everyone

To whom this may concern

This is an open invertation for all to come to my house saturday night for drinking and mad fun!

so come one come all, entry is free, you pay at the door!

bring drinkings and strangers, all are welcome except you!

You don't want to miss my party its to die for!

Smiles everyone!

starts 20:30 and stops when you do! hahahahaha and please remember to HAVE A BLAST!
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Smiles everyone

(no subject)

well, thats it. After a weekend of heavy drinking i'm done feeling sorry for myself. some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad. so if i'm going to go i may as well have a blast! HAHAHHAHAHA
whats next, hmmmm. oh yes that wonderfull forsight of mine about people and the directions they go, i have found people sympothetic to my cause and are going to help me. so yay team the next time somene leaves me it might be a surprise. sorry if this offends some people. but i can't care, or i wont care once my training is complete. no emotion for jester_Zan the jester has left the building!
oh yeah nikki we need to talk... don't worry i can't break up with you... you already did that. its the house and moneies and stuff.
spaz dance

my top ten in no order but the top two.

kate beckinsale
rose mcgowan
Christina Applegate
Eliza Dushku
Jennifer Connelly
Tea Leoni
Leelee Sobieski
Nicole Kidman
Mandy Moore

okay, the only reason that i actually found ten was because i had a list of actresses, models and singers! i think it was a link to nuddie pictures ;)
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(no subject)

Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana BATMAN!

I like stargate, well what i mean by that is i think i have even thought of a alloy that has the same properties as anti-gravity material. That means that it could be possible too establish a wormhole between to points. however the amount of power need... let me put it this way it would be cheaper to drive their with our current fuel prices.

And most important of all don't listen to me i'm just a kid with no qualifications, what do i know?

Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana BATMAN!
Smiles everyone

clubbing firday

hey toley and anyone else who wants to come friday night clubing somewhere? anywhere need to get out that night... must be released that night... help me!